My work has no filler, no fluff, nothing fake, just love. Cinematic love. Every day love. Coffee before you leave for work love. Grand romantic gestures love. Buying flowers on the way by the bodega love. Waiting by the door for you to get home love. Your favorite dinner fresh after a long day love. Butterflies even after years together love. Magical love. Nostalgic, romantic, filmy love. 

I'm Deirdre, and I'm sure I'm going to love you. Nothing is more important to me than making my couples feel seen, and feel at home in my photos.

About Deirdre

Brooklyn based wedding photographer traveling to wherever you call home.

I'm not "just a vendor"


your story as it is.


LOVE was made for all.

BIPOC Inclusive

love was made for all.


my big four

Love is sacred to me. I came out in 2021 and my first queer relationship  revolutionized the way I understood love. Wedding photography has always been incredibly special to me, but since I've been out I have felt such an intense soul connection to my work. 

my Why

The level of understanding I now have with my couples goes deeper than ever, and I've gotten even more passionate about memorializing those feelings, in all forms, with all humans.  It's a daily privilege to be able to allow my couples to feel seen, loved, and supported.

I have been a photographer for more than half of my life. I was the kid with a camera in hand every time I left the house, spent hours of my teenage years crafting intricate self portraits, photographing my friends and their boyfriends, and drooling over film cameras. After I bought my first film camera at 15 I was even more hooked. The intentionality behind each photo was so captivating to me. I've never lost that love for film, and that meticulous and precious mindset still shows in my work.

I’m obsessed with the energy of New York City, bodega flowers, fresh fruit on the beach, thrifting and vintage clothes, candles that smell like the forest, my cats, and gluten-free pancakes. 


Film photography and fields of flowers. 

The mountains, especially in Washington.

Strolling through museums for hours.

The Brooklyn Waterfront.

Motion blur.

Warm afternoon sun and music that makes me dance.

Disco balls and best friends. 

MY favorite things in life look a little like:

"You're like madonna, you keep reinventing"
-my mom

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