How about the feeling that you can wholeheartedly trust that someone has your best interests in mind? How would you price out the memory of the night you met your significant other? 

Can you put a price tag on the photo of your grandparent’s honeymoon that sits in a frame on your bedside table? 

Photographs are time machines back to the moments that made you who you are, and creating a wedding day gallery feels as important to me as documenting your whole life story. 


+ starting at 8 hours of coverage
+ option to add a second photographer
+ engagement nostalgia tour 
+ photography timeline planning

+ online gallery of hand edited images
+ 20-30 preview images within two days 
+ full printing rights
+ 70-100 images per hour of coverage


+ starting at 3 hours of coverage
+ option to add a second photographer
+ location scouting assistance
+ photography timeline planning

+ online gallery of hand edited images
+ 15-20 preview images within two days 
+ full printing rights
+ 250 or more images

caroline + brian

You perfectly captured the love we have for everyone that came. I know we will cherish these forever. I cannot wait to tell every single human being on earth how much we love you. 

Film photos. Champagne towers. Iridescent streamers. Family style dinners. Thrifted glassware. Abhorrent amounts of candles. Al fresco dining. Photobooth strips. Dress changes. Late night espresso martinis.  Handwritten love letters. Silk gloves. Queer love. Restaurant receptions. Organza. Mismatched wedding party. Full toothed smiles. Tear soaked and lipstick stained napkins.

Endless love. Forever memories.



Once you decide to book with me, you'll sign a contract and put down a retainer. This is the last step before the good stuff starts.



You'll get a link to schedule a call in my response email, so we can talk on the phone about all your hopes + dreams.

initial call


Not really, but I'll send you an email back with all of the info on packages and pricing that you'll need to go over with your partner.

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Step one is to fill out the contact form with as much info as possible, so I can make sure I'm a perfect fit for your big day.

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HOW TO GET IN Front of my camera

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located and do you shoot internationally? 

I'm lucky enough to live in Brooklyn, NYC and even luckier to travel all over the globe for couples in love. For all weddings, elopements, and sessions in the states I charge a $1000 flat fee for any travel outside of a 3 hour drive from NYC. 

Do we need an engagement session?

I firmly believe so! My style of photography works best when we get to know each other. An engagement session is the perfect time for us to spend time together before your day. It's also a great way to get comfy in front of the camera, and practice makes perfect. It's natural to feel a little bit nervous or awkward when you're not used to being photographed, but your engagement session will make you two feel so much more relaxed by the time the wedding rolls around.

How many images will we receive to download?

You can expect to receive 70-100 final hand-edited images per hour of coverage! After your wedding day, I'll remove any photos you wouldn't want or need (people blinking, blurry, etc) and edit & deliver the rest. Don't worry, I won't withhold any images I think you'll want.

Do you offer help in the planning process?

ABSOLUTELY. This is one of my favorite parts of the process. If you want your day to feel a certain way, the planning has to be a collaborative effort between photographer, planner, and couple. I love being involved in the big details and the little ones, from shoe choice to timeline. 

Do you give us the RAW photos?

Thanks for asking, but no. For the same reason I don’t allow clients to apply filters to my photos, I don’t ever give out RAWs. Editing is part of a photographer’s unique artwork and creativity, and if you don’t love a photographer’s editing style, you should probably look for someone with a style that speaks more to your taste. You deserve to get what you want!

How long until we get our photos back?

I send previews within 48 hours because I'm not patient either, so don’t worry about that. This is also so you have something better to post on social media then your Aunt’s wedding selfie with you pixelated in the background. After that, sessions are a max of six weeks and weddings are delivered within eight weeks.


Let's meet on our little cosmic landscapes.

Sound like a dream come true to you?