my heart-led approach to couple's photography, centered entirely around the history of your love.


THE only  COUPLE'S SESSIONS I OFFER. non-traditional in every way. 

Memories have the power to shape and define a relationship. They are the moments that stand out among the rest, leaving an permanent mark on the bond between two people.  Whether it's a spontaneous adventure that takes you out of your comfort zone or the quiet moments of vulnerability shared under a starlit sky, these memories become the pillars of your connection. Simple and sweet, or trajectory changing and complex. Relationships are like a filled journal, bursting at the seams with concert tickets and photographs and receipt paper with phone numbers scrawled in messy handwriting. It's a shared history, created from all these little tidbits and filled with laughter, deep conversations, heartbreak, resilience, and most of all-- love. These definitive memories serve as a testament to the strength and depth of your relationship, reminding them of every facet and timestamp of your love. These are the things I want to photograph.  

The Nostalgia Tour is for the couple that loves to reminisce, the couple that loves to walk by their first date spot on the way home from the grocery store. The couple that intertwines every big decision on their wedding day with intention and special memories, even if they're the only ones that know about them. The couple that has fought for their relationship and the couple that has faced oppression just to be together. The couple that has a strong connection to their family-- blood or chosen. The couple that wants something different out of their photography, something that they've been searching for but didn't know how to put a name to it. The couple that doesn't want help posing because they don't want to pose for photos at all-- they just want to show up as themselves, fully and open-hearted, even if it feels scary. 


sticky notes. chocolate bars. photobooth strips. pressed flowers. receipt paper. initials in the sidewalk. journal pages. a shared bookmark. orange peels. thrifted sweaters. the movie theater. where you said "i love you" for the first time. the bar you go to on special occasions. the candle scent that reminds you of the first winter you spent together. the tv show you can recite every word to. your favorite bottle of wine. flowers from the garden on the patio of your first home. the streets you walked on together. the scaffolding where you took cover from the wind and rain and talked til three in the morning. the records you danced around the living room to. your first vacation plane tickets. the coffee beans you love most. 

So what does this all mean? 


Here's the nitty gritty on the Nostalgia Tour. The process. The investment. The details. 

If you are inquiring, make sure you give me a fully fleshed out set of answers. Each question is important to me, so I can begin to get to know you. From there, you and your partner and I will design a session around the initial questionnaire as well as a questionnaire that follows.

Jenn + Pasha, whose gallery is above,  took me to the place that they decided to start dating, the spot they had their first kiss, the outside of a building where they exchanged a monumental love letter, Brighton Beach to honor Pasha's Russian heritage and to mimic the spot where they had their first look on their wedding day, the AMC movie theater in Lincoln Center (their happy place), and lastly we finished in their home, dancing under their wedding disco ball to Taylor Swift with their dog, in their pajamas.

Each of the places we went were incredibly meaningful. Some were challenging to photograph. Every single one was worth it. Jenn + Pasha took ME on the Nostalgia Tour. That's what this is all about. You taking me on a tour of the whole of your relationship, and creating images to honor each and every memory.




  • A thirty minute interview at the beginning of session. No cameras involved. I ask all the questions about the plans for the day.

  • Either two or four hours of me following you two around and taking sneaky photos while you tell me all about the relevance of each place to you both. 

  • Two hour sessions will receive no less than 125 images. Four hour sessions will receive no less than 200 images. 

  • All images will be taken digitally, and delivered to you in an online gallery. 

  • If it's okay with you, I will take some of your sentimental items home to scan and create multimedia work with the images.

two- $1500 four- $2500

two- $2000 four- $3000

  • In addition to the standard thirty minute interview, I will record some audio to overlay on top of your super 8 film.

  • Either two or four hours of me following you two around, filming and taking sneaky photos while you tell me all about the relevance of each place to you both. 

  • Two hour sessions will receive no less than 90 images and a 90 second super 8 film. Four hour sessions will receive no less than 120 images and a 3 minute super 8 film. 

  • All images will be taken analogue, but they will be scanned and delivered to you in an online gallery. 

  • The option to add any sentimental items for me to take home, scan, and make multimedia work from.

Jenn + Pasha

"This is beyond words. These photos. THEY ARE SOME OF THE MOST PRECIOUS I HAVE EVER VIEWED!!! They are so safe, intimate, and sacred. I can’t believe how perfectly all those moments are captured and celebrated by these photos. Thank you so much for giving us this precious gift."