Shaanti + Trevor’s Summer Fort Tryon Park Elopement

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Deirdre Turner

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June 13, 2023

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I would photograph a Fort Tryon Park elopement every week if I could.

A Fort Tryon Park Elopement feels so different from other NYC elopements– the architecture in the park is stunning, the Met Cloisters loom over the park, and the views of the Hudson River are unmatched in the hilliest part of Manhattan. Shaanti + Trevor chose this spot because they love Fort Tryon Park so much, it’s close to home for them and they spend a lot of time there. They got ready at home and shared vows under the giant archways deep in the park, and then we explored together as the sun made its way toward the horizon.

We walked along the water, through gardens and lush overhangs of vines, and then finished the evening together with a spectacular view of the George Washington Bridge glowing over the Hudson. The couple headed out after that for a private dinner at the restaurant where they had their first date.

Fort Tryon Park is also a great option in Manhattan if you’re nervous about Central Park being too busy, but you still want those upstate vibes like in this Glen Falls House wedding. The park feels more wild and separated from the bulk of Manhattan, partially because it’s so far north, but also because it’s not as well known as some of the bigger parks in the city.

Manhattan and Fort Tryon Park were such an easy and obvious choice for the site of their marriage, as they met in the city and their entire relationship grew there. I just love when people choose places that are meaningful. Shot on film and digital.

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