Pioneer Farms Wedding for Hailey + Ronan

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Deirdre Turner

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October 13, 2023

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Hailey + Ronan’s Pioneer Farms Wedding was an early Autumn dream come true.

It rained buckets all morning and finally the last of the mist stopped just in time for Hailey + Ronan’s first look before their very muddy but beautiful Pioneer Farms wedding. They had a huge support group, a bridal party totalling in the mid twenties and a guest count near 200. You could feel the love all day and night at their wedding as they spent time with each and every guest, listened to half a dozen heartfelt speeches, and shared a first dance in front of a cheering crowd of loved ones. Even after the rain and in the mud, this Pioneer Farms Wedding was still so incredibly beautiful, filled with unique details like pears as table number holders, handwritten menus, ikebana dishes of natural toned flowers, and of course plenty of candles. They danced late in to the night, under a miraculously clear night sky with stars shining brightly.

Hailey + Ronan met in middle school, a love story spanning over sixteen years. They dated in middle and high school, and after a few years apart they came back together and have been together ever since. They’re clearly made for each other, and have such a beautiful connection, which you’ll see in the photos of their first look and vow exchange. After spending time getting ready separately with their bridesmaids and groomsmen in the Pioneer Farms home and cottages, they were absolutely giddy to see each other, not minding at all the mud and chickens running around the farm.

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