Nancy + Kacia’s Ruby Beach Engagement Session

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Deirdre Turner

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October 30, 2023

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Nancy + Kacia’s Ruby Beach engagement session was unforgettable.

Nancy + Kacia met me for the first time in NYC after responding to a random TikTok I had made looking for queer couples that wanted to be my muses during a time when I was hoping to strengthen my bond with the community I had just become a part of. They were one of the earliest adopters of me as my own brand, represented fully as myself, and in that way I felt this immense sense of trust and kindness from them from the beginning. They were traveling to Washington when I was, so a Ruby Beach engagement session just two days after they said yes to forever with each other was a perfect way to celebrate.

Personally I love Washington with all of my heart, so a Ruby Beach engagement session is everything I love all in one- especially when these two are in front of my lens. They have the most beautiful and natural chemistry, their love is palpable and yet indescribable. They have such a deep rooted caring for each other that I feel is so easy to photograph and I hope you can feel that in these photos. I would shoot with them on Ruby Beach (or anywhere!) in any season, in any weather.

Washington feels like home to me and I’m always happy to be there, so if you live in Washington (or are traveling there!) and want me to come along to capture your love, I’ll do it in a heartbeat. Contact me here.

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